just a little life update.

wild fable star top target black and white platform sandal espadrille

hellloooo babes! happy tuesday! i hope your week is off to an amazing start! i just wanted to do a little chit chat time / life update today & show you this super cute look from Wild Fable. sometime i get so caught up in stuff i forget to clue y’all in, so it’s good to check in every once in a while. so grab your coffee (or glass of wine) and let’s chat a little!

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morning to-do’s i swear by for a productive day.

work from home how to be productive home office love emmarie

goooooood morning, babes! i’m feeling strangely chipper this morning compared to my usual groggy self. your girl is NOT a morning person, okay? i’m one of those people who stays up late doing stuff in the wee hours of the night because that’s when i’m most productive. anyone else? HOWEVER, i hate wasting half a day not being productive by sleeping in too late…kinda contradictory, i know. today, i want to share a few of my morning “to-do’s” that i swear help get me up and going even on a slow day.

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regaining inspiration when you feel uninspired.

as much as i hate to admit this, especially to my reader babes, i’ve been in a rut lately. as a blogger, creativity is required not only visually but also through the words i share, and let me tell ya, writer’s block sucks. i don’t always like writing about just what i’m wearing in the photos i post. i want to share something deeper, more meaningful, something that will add value to YOUR life.

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