how to: the perfect, cozy night in.

before we get too far, let me just set one thing straight: i’m all for going out with the girls and having fun, but let’s get real, i’m the most grandma twenty-one year old you’ll ever meet. 80% of the time i’d much rather stay in, cuddle up with a glass of wine and watch netflix. who’s with me? so clear your schedules, babes, i thought i would share how to have the most perfect night in!

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super-duper-last-minute amazon prime gift guide!


have you gotten all your shopping done? good, me neither.

thank the LORD for amazon prime, am i right? i’m not sure how they get packages delivered in two days or less, probably a miracle from jesus, but PTL that they do! you have three days left to order any last-minute gifts to get them in time for christmas with prime shipping, so what are you waiting for?!

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frills + thrills: november

first things first, i was frackin freezing shooting this in 35 degree weather. i definitely picked the wrong december day as yesterday was about 75 degrees. thanks oklahoma. but enough about the weather, i wanted to post my frills + thrills for november today, because sometimes you just need to reflect on what’s been making you happy. am i right?

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