regaining inspiration when you feel uninspired.

as much as i hate to admit this, especially to my reader babes, i’ve been in a rut lately. as a blogger, creativity is required not only visually but also through the words i share, and let me tell ya, writer’s block sucks. i don’t always like writing about just what i’m wearing in the photos i post. i want to share something deeper, more meaningful, something that will add value to YOUR life.

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that one time i did a juice cleanse.

hey, babes! happy tuesday! hoping your week is off to a great start!

so a few weeks ago, i decided i wanted to do some sort of cleanse/detox before we headed out on our trip to destin, and i decided on a juice cleanse. don’t ask me why. i don’t know, because i’m crazy probably. mom joined in too, so count her in on the crazy as well. LOL. i had so many of you ask me to give you my review/thoughts/opinions afterwards, so here it is! i sat down and filmed an overview of which cleanse i did, my experience & my overall thoughts now that i’m done (you can watch that below!), but i’ll give you a quick run down of it all, too.

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current spring favorites.

y’all, i went all over the board with this one. i talked a little fashion, a little beauty, a whole lotta skincare and some random drinks that i thought y’all just really needed to know about. lol. literally talked about a bottle of water (omg sponsor me core water!) because it tastes good…and it’s amazing…and totally unnecessarily bougie.

ALSO. i graduated from college this weekend, yall. so stinkin’ crazy to think about. more on that topic coming to ya next week!

okay, y’all go grab a snack (it’s a long one) and let dive on in to this favorites video!


Upbra perfect t-shirt bra / strapless bra