four tips for productivity with Nectar.

hey there babes! we’re officially on the fourth week of classes (WHAT?!), which is about the time i start getting comfortable and start procrastinating. so in order to combat that, i’m sharing four tips on being productive.

but before we dive in, i have GOT to talk about these glasses i’m wearing. and i know what you’re thinking, no these are some $5 fake lenses from forever21. these are my number one essential for being productive when it comes to computer work. these are nectar blue light reducing glasses specifically made for when you’ll be staring at a screen for a while. and no, they aren’t gimmicky…here’s a lil harvard study that breaks down how blue light affects our eyes and circadian sleep rhythm if you need a little more convincing. ­čśë
i wear these in class, when i’m studying, watching tv, or when i’m on my phone for while and they have significantly helped my headaches. oh, and it helps that they’re cute too. you can check out all of nectar’s rad blue light lenses here!

alright, lets get to it!!

to-do lists

this is hands down my best tactic for getting A LOT of stuff done. maybe it’s the satisfaction of checking something off a list, or maybe it’s just being able to see all that i have to do for the day, but it works. i like to make mine as soon as i start my day and write down even the littlest of tasks. like “shave legs”….i kid you not that was on a list one day.

pre plan your week

i use to-do lists to kind of pre plan my day, but i like to sit down at the beginning of the week (usually sunday nights/monday mornings) and plan out my week. i write it all out in my agenda as well as on the monthly calendar i have on my desk. this is where i figure out my schedule as far as work, assignment due dates, social events, meetings, etc.

speaking of agendas, i do use a standard paper agenda, but i LOVE using the Glass Planner app to keep up with my weekly plan. it also has a lot of useful features to organize your calendar (my favorite being the checklist feature!)

clean workspace

this may be obvious, but i think it’s often overlooked. whether you have an office or just a desk area in your room like me, i think it’s important to keep it nice and organized to avoid being distracted.

honestly though, i tend to work way better when i’m comfortable so you’ll most likely find me sitting in bed crankin out assignments, emails, or this blog post.

shut it off

this is something i learned this summer during my internship. when you work for yourself (or are a student) it’s important to know when to call it quits for the night. quality rest, yall, is key to being productive.

dress: gentle fawn (on sale!) / glasses: c/o nectar


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