frills + thrills: JULY

i cannot believe july is over. i know i say that time flies all the time, but i swear i don’t know how the month of july got away from me. i leave LA in 10 days y’all. what?! alsooooo bestie number two gets here on thursday, and boy do we have some fun things planned! stay tuned on my instastories to see all that we get ourselves into.

but you know what the end of the month means, another frills + thrills post! i’m starting to really like these, so y’all buckle up because you never know what i might share with you.

1. staycations

there’s one thing you should know about me and my girlfriend, taylor: we LOVE planning trips. like so much that maybe we should go into the travel agency business LOL. when she was here the other day we kept talking about all these different little weekend trips we could take: fort worth, waco, denver, tempe, arkansas, you name it! we fell in love with the idea of planning a staycation somewhere around OKC for either a girls trip or a double date, and immediately dove into the depths that is home rentals.

here’s a few beautiful airbnb/homeaway rentals in oklahoma that have definitely NOT left our minds!

(click on the photo to be taken to the site)

how boho chic is this little house in edmond?

an updated modern escape in OKC (bonus! this home is close to sushi & topgolf!)

might need a few more gals for this big homeaway house, but it’s BEAUTIFUL.


2. all things gingham

summer romwe off the shoulder gingham top

y’all i’ve been OBSESSED with gingham lately. i just got in this off the shoulder top from romwe (see it on insta here!) and i can’t wait to style it for you gals. since gingham is pretty trendy now, you can find it in all sorts of colors, but y’all know me…i’ll take it in black and white. it’s just so chic, yet playful. i’ve rounded up a few of my favorite b&w gingham finds for you below!


3. soludos

i think the last time i wanted a pair of shoes this bad i was 8 and begging for custom nike shox with my name on the back. how 2004 of me. luckily, since then i’ve upgraded my wishlist a little bit and i’m so head over heels for these sweet sneakers i can hardly stand it. actually, all of their shoes. i had the hardest time narrowing it down because i want these and these and these TOO! being in fashion is difficult sometimes. 😉


4. blowouts

blowouts are all the rage right now. no worries, i’m not hating, i’m actually going to drybar on thursday. lol

however, this college gal can’t afford a blowout every couple of weeks, and quite honestly i’d rather spend that money toward something else (like lashes, DUH!). so i’ve been watching alllll the youtube tutorials and reading alllll the blog posts about how to give yourself a blowout, and i think i might have finally gotten the hang of it!

you know what that post tutorial coming soon!! WOO!


5. stumptown coffee

y’all, i LOVE iced coffee. like even when it’s snowing outside, i love iced coffee..although i blame that on taylor. i’ve been craving stumptown iced coffee ever since i bought my first carton a few weeks ago. and yes, you read that right. i said carton! i pick up my stumptown coffee at blue star donuts + coffee on abbot kinney, but i also saw it the other day at my local whole foods. so maybe try that if you don’t find yourself in oregon frequently. my favorite is the original with cream and sugar that comes in a carton! i’ve been good though and have only treated myself to it once a week since it’s not necessarily the most low-cal drink.

but that’s what makes it yummy thought, right?


what are your frills + thrills from july? let me know in the comments!

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