getting down to business + styling a blazer

remember last week in frills & thrills when i said i was trying to step out of my fashion comfort zone a little bit? well, here i am in a trendy plaid blazer stepping out and channeling my inner Brighton Keller. i’ve admired the plaid blazer for a while, but just wasn’t quite sure how to style it to make it “me,” you know? so here’s a few little tips i’ve discovered to take that blazer from professional to street chic.

keep it casual.

to make the blazer a more casual piece, pair it with some boyfriend jeans, a pair of sneakers or my fave a fun graphic tee.

bunch em up.

advice i wish i would’ve taken from myself. i totally meant to push up my sleeves during this shoot, and did about half way through. i feel like that little touch gives the look such an effortless vibe.

go for oversized.

forget perfectly tailored. this trend was made with stealing your boy’s (or dad’s, let’s get real) blazer in mind. don’t worry about it fitting you perfectly.

find your waist.

considering this isn’t a tailored look, you must remember to show off that teenie tiny waist of yours. take a tip from my girl chloe (Nothing to Wear Blog) and keep your layers thin & fitted. or find your natural waist with high waisted bottoms and a belt.

hope these tips help you babes! what trend are you trying?

tee: H&M (old) / blazer: H&M / jeans: American Eagle / loafers: Target / earrings: Vanessa Mooney

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