morning to-do’s i swear by for a productive day.

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goooooood morning, babes! i’m feeling strangely chipper this morning compared to my usual groggy self. your girl is NOT a morning person, okay? i’m one of those people who stays up late doing stuff in the wee hours of the night because that’s when i’m most productive. anyone else? HOWEVER, i hate wasting half a day not being productive by sleeping in too late…kinda contradictory, i know. today, i want to share a few of my morning “to-do’s” that i swear help get me up and going even on a slow day.

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morning to-do’s for being productive

chug. chug. chug.

you’ll rarely ever catch me without a bottle of water by my bedside. the very first thing i do every morning is take a few huge gulps of water. it wakes you up, jump starts your metabolism & will help you feel full longer into the morning so you aren’t reaching for mid-morning snacks after breakfast.

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brush your teeth.

okay, this sounds weird and kind of obvious, but honestly if you work from home/stay at home/etc this may not be one of the first things you do. i SWEAR BY my cariPRO ultrasonic toothbrush. i’ve used an electronic toothbrush for years now, but i’ve never used one that works so well! it has 5 brush modes (which is great if you’ve got gum troubles like me!) and will leave your mouth feeling like you just left the dentist. like “HELLO! i’m ready to face the world!”…literally. lol

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make your bed.

if you haven’t read “make your bed“…DO SO. but seriously, making your bed in the morning just gets you started on the right foot. you know that feeling of satisfaction you get when you scratch something off your to-do list? that’s exactly what you get when you finish making your bed. it’s like one freebie thing you can mark off doing every morning. try it!

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get dressed.

if you work from home, or you’re a college gal, a stay at home momma, ANYTHING, you know how tempting it is to just stay in your pj’s all day when you won’t be leaving the house. next time, get dressed in REAL CLOTHES as soon as you get your day started. you wouldn’t wear your lounge clothes to work right?

take a second & breathe.

before you get going for the day, take a second to just BREATHE. take some time after waking up to do your quiet time, read some affirmations, meditate, whatever it is you do girl! you’ll feel refreshed and ready to face the day.


do you have any morning to-do’s you swear by? share them with me in the comments!

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