today’s look…surprise surprise!

Chambray off the shoulder dress with platform espadrilles

y’all. i did it. i pulled off a surprise!

if you follow me on insta (which you SHOULD!) would might have seen my instastory video of me surprising bud at the airport last weekend. so if you were wondering what that was all about, let me clue you in real quick!

bud told me a few months ago about this “tenkiller takeover” 4th of july lake weekend his family does every year, and he really really wanted me to come with him. but after i accepted my internship, i told him that i wasn’t sure that i’d be able to fly home. he was SO bummed.

i knew that i probably could make something work though, since i don’t work on friday and the 4th was on a tuesday. can you say LONG WEEKEND?! so after making a few calls and sending a couple texts, i had the perfect surprise weekend plan in place. mission surprise-the-crap-outta-bud was a go!

the plan was that bud and his cousin, toni, would head to tulsa international to pick up his other cousin, kelli, when she flew in from seattle. little did he know that we both flew in at the same time!! so kelli walked out to the truck at baggage claim and i followed her out shortly after when he wasn’t paying attention.

YOU GUYS. i don’t think i’ve ever seen him smile so much. he was so so so happy, and so was i. i’ve kind of joked about the “distance makes the heart grow fonder” cliche, but y’all it’s so true. six weeks away from my favorite person and i thought i was gonna lose it. i’m pretty sure i told him i was afraid that i was going to forget how to kiss him. LOL

( SIDENOTE: that def didn’t happen.😉 )

long story short, the surprise went off without a hitch. his entire family knew the whole time and no one said a word. BRAVO to y’all! we had the most incredible weekend, and i even switched my flight to get a few extra hours with my man.

now i’m just kinda scared about how he’s going to try to get me back…


off the shoulder lace detail black accessories

/ dress: london times (ON SALE! UNDER $40!) / sandals: target / necklace: kendra scott / sunnies: wooden nickel /

/ lips: blu red (message me!) /


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    So fun pulling off this surprise with you!!! So glad you got to come!

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