(i know, i know it’s not friday but i wanted to get this up before i jet off to europe!)

i wanted to share my thoughts on a new product i recently purchased because i’m so excited about it!
i’ve been thinking about switching up my preworkout supplement for a while but just wasn’t quite sure what to try out.
the supplement industry is a tricky business, and unless you totally understand the science behind the ingredients and dosages, it can be pretty confusing, too.

so when it comes to choosing new products, i tend to go by word of mouth, and this time it led me to   “Enter With Purpose” by Run Everything Labs.
i’ve followed DLB and rob bailey for a couple years now and love everything they are about. i know they put their heart and soul into every project they take on; their supplement line being no exception.
they use all of their own products daily which i see as a true testament to how well they work.
// product: EWP PREWORKOUT // flavor: GREEN APPLE //
what’s your current preworkout? 
questions about preworkout or supplements in general?
comment below or send me an email!

flex friday: the cut + cheat meals?! + my supp stack

it’s friday, y’all so you know what that means…
this week i’m excited to share my progress. it’s been two weeks since we started the cutting process and in the words of my trainer i’m “honestly doing so great!” i’m surprisingly never crazy hungry, i’m not quite going crazy from my diet yet and workouts have been killer.
plus some exciting news about saturday…I GET A CHEAT MEAL.
today, i’m also sharing my supplement stack!
i’ve linked alllll my supplements below, but i talk about them starting at 6:05 in the vlog.
pretty much i take the basics: preworkout, bcaa’s, protein, and vitamins, but it could get more complicated soon so that update will come as needed.
/ preworkout: cellucor C4 ripped
/ protein: dymatize iso 100 / multivitamin: one a day women’s / fish oil / biotin / b12 /
so tell me, what should i eat for my cheat meal?!
i seriously can’t decide!
xoxo, emily