today’s look..finding joy.

hey babes! hope you hit the ground running the week, because i sure didn’t. lol i’m two weeks away from finals, i’m exhausted, and senioritis is kickin’ in hard. but i wanted to take today to not only show you this fall look i’m obsessed with (like for real wore this sweater three times over thanksgiving break) but to also share with you how i’m finding joy again.

for those of you who haven’t experienced heartbreak, let me just tell you IT’S HARD. we’ll just leave it at that. this post is about joy after all! i’ve learned over the past couple of weeks just how many people i have in my life that truly love and care for me, and that are praying and thinking of me even when i don’t know it. it’s crazy how BLESSED i am….or how WE are.

but humans aside, my biggest way of finding joy recently is through my relationship with Jesus. i’m going to be honest with you, He’s really taken the back burner in the past couple of months, which was probably the biggest cause of heartbreak. luckily, our God is a God of second chances (THANK YOU FOR MERCY & GRACE). i’ve been so so diligent in doing my quiet time and talking to the Lord daily rather than just when i feel like i need Him. it’s crazy the overwhelming comfort i feel when talking with the Lord or diving into the Word. i actually told a friend yesterday, that i feel so at peace with everything when i’m doing my quiet time that i don’t want to stop. can you imagine wanting to never stop reading God’s word?! i’ve gotten lots of questions on instagram about what devotional i’m doing (i’ve been posting little snippets on my instastory!), so i thought i’d share that with y’all today because it’s AMAZING.

i’ve been using the She Reads Truth app and reading the “Women of the 
Old Testament” plan. if you use the app like i do, the plans are $1.99, but if you go to their site the plans are free i’m pretty sure! i love these plans because they dive a little deeper than the standard bible app plans. alongside reading these plans daily, i make sure to journal a little bit for every study. this is makes it so much easier for me to go back and look over what the plan was talking about later. visual learner, yanno?


okay, let me chit chat about this outfit real quick, because like i said i’m OBSESSED. i snagged this sweater at the boutique i work at, but they also sell it at nordstrom! i mean how fuzzy and cute?! and then i had to pair it with my new favorite pair of booties. LOOK AT THESE, Y’ALL. i had my eye on these jeffrey campbells for foreverrr, but i saw these on nasty gal for 50% OFF and had to snatch them. i’ve also wanted to try out sock booties so these are a win win! you’ll see these bad boys again for a holiday look that i’m super excited about.

if you download She Reads Truth (or already use it) let me know! i’d love to chat about my favorite guy, Jesus, with you!!

sweater: Moon River / jeans: American Eagle / booties: Nasty Gal / earrings: Nasty Gal (on sale for $5!) / glasses: Burberry

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