YOU MEAN MORE with Pieces of Me.

YOU MEAN MORE. yep, we’re getting right to the point today. i’m partnering up with Pieces of Me to share their “You Mean More” campaign. this campaign is all about spreading confidence, strength and encouragement to all you gals, and to make sure you know that YOU MEAN MORE than you think you do.

now let me backtrack a bit to tell you about Pieces of Me. this jewelry company is reimagining personalized jewelry in a way that lets women fully embrace who they are. each piece has a unique design on it that symbolizes the different traits we all strive to embody. whether it’s ambitious, bold, dreamer, leader or even sassy, there are thirty different traits to choose from.

i chose the CONFIDENT cuff bracelet.

“with a strong and bold center, confident people never waver on who they are. they influence others to feel the same with their radiant personality.”

confidence isn’t something i’ve always had, but as i’ve gotten older and learned more about who i am it’s gotten easier to stand up tall and be confident in myself. i love this chic, little daily reminder of confidence.


so tell me? what trait would you choose? i’m thinking STRONG or SASSY for my next one. lol

pullover: RomWe / jacket: BlankNYC / jeans: American Eagle / sunnies: Nordstrom / cuff: Pieces of Me / sneakers: Adidas Originals

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