DIY: boho blanket basket upcycle (mistakes + all!)

boho blanket basket upcycle

hi babes! i thought i’d share a DIY/upcycle that i did a couple weeks ago with y’all today. i’ve had this blanket basket for years, and it just doesn’t fit my decor anymore. BUT it’s the perfect size for my blankets & i’m stubborn and refused to settle for buying one that wasn’t perfect. it’s honestly so SO easy, but i encountered a few little hiccups along the way that i figured were worth sharing…or maybe i’m just a dumb that didn’t think of these things before hand. LOL

i’ve listed out all the supplies i needed & the V basic instructions i came up down below! you can do this to pretty much any bucket or basket you have that’s in need on an upcycle…OOO this would be so cute on a little planter pot. okay, i’m done. let’s get into it!


a bucket/basket

jute rope (i used 3/4” thick rope)

box cutter

E6000 glue

hot glue gun

acrylic paint & brushes (if you want to add any fun design patterns)


alright, the “how to” is the easy part. originally, my plan was to just E6000 the entire thing, but i didn’t realize that E6000 takes 24 hours to dry and doesn’t hold immediately (rookie mistake). so i did a little glue combo of E6000 & hot glue and it worked perfectly!

basically i still did use the E6000 glue on the entire thing, but also put bigger globs of hot glue about every 5-6″ so that the rope would stay on until the other glue dried. that’s pretty much all there is to it!

PRO TIP: before buying your rope, measure the basket so you can avoid making THREE trips to home depot. yes, three. 10 yds the first time, 12 yds the second & ONE yd the third. i hate myself.

this should help you estimate how many yards you’ll need:

HEIGHT / 3/4″ = # of rows

(3.14 x DIAMETER) x # of rows = length of rope in inches

you’ll need to convert that length into yards by dividing it by 3.


if you try this DIY/upcycle, tag me on instagram @loveemmarie. i’d love to see your creativity!


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