flex friday: fitness journey update one

i’ve said for a while now (a while being all last semester) that i wanted to get on a meal plan to help me toned up a bit. so i did it. now don’t take that as me wanting to lose weight. that’s not the point. my goal was to slim down and to be a little more cut, because well why not?!
last monday (7/20) was my first day of my six week diet/training program from rock rep fitness.
and thennnnnnnnnn
i finally decided/got convinced/caved on doing a bodybuilding show!
so as of yesterday i am officially competing in the ANBF Natural Calvary Classic on november 7th! i’m training with chris from Rock Rep Fitness Co. to prep for this show. he does online diet and fitness programs and can make a plan up for you no matter your goals!
i filmed a quick (kinda lol) vlog about my first week (struggles and realizations included) and a little more about the show.
vvv check it out! vvv

CALORIE FREE blendicano order:
– triple (or quad if you really need it) shot of espresso in a venti cup
– extra ice
– 6 pumps of SUGAR FREE caramel/vanilla syrup
-double blended
let me know if you try a blendicano!
xoxo, emily
PS: i’m going to start doing these flex friday posts on an every-other-week basis from here on out just so they don’t start getting redundant. đŸ™‚

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